2014 pure polo's All American Women's Team

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2014 pure polo's All American Women's Team

Postby pure polo » Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:04 pm

Since I couldn't get Trevor to continue the tradition, all Women's pollsters put up your own list!!

1st Team:
1-Sami Hill,UCLA
2-Ashley GrossmanStanford
3-Anika Dries,Stanford
4-Monica Vavic,USC
5-Rachal Fattal,UCLA
6-Dora Antal,CAL
7-Clara Espar Llaquet,SJSU

2nd Team:
1-E B Keeve,Arizona
2-Kaley Dodson,Stanford
3-Kaleigh Gilchrist,USC
4-Emily Donohoe,UCLA
5-Shae Fournier,Indiana
6-Kate Woods,Brown
7-Marisa Young,CSUN

3rd Team:
1-Flora Bonyali,USC
2-Maggie Steffens,Stanford
3-Kiley Neushel,Stanford
4-Rae Lekness ,SJSU
5-Alys Williams,UCLA
6-Paula Chillida Esforzado,Hawaii
7-Danielle Warde,UCI

Honorable Mention:
1-Ashleigh Johnson,Princeton
2-Stephania Haralabidis,USC
3-Ioli Benekou,San Diego State
4-Roser Tarrago,CAL
5-Alkistis Benekou,Arizona
6-Asley Letrich,Santa Clara
7-Sami Capparelli,Hartwick
8-Alexandra Honny,LMU
9-Chelsea Parks,LBSU
10- Amy Olsen,Iona

This is not 2014 WPP's All American Women's Team - Doc

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