The FOSH + We Play Sport partner to add video to your live stats and exclusive advanced analytics

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The FOSH + We Play Sport partner to add video to your live stats and exclusive advanced analytics

Postby UMtoHU » Tue Jun 07, 2022 9:48 am

The FOSH + We Play Sport

Get video in your live stats and advanced analytics you can't find anywhere else.

BOSTON, Massachusetts & LAUSANNE, Switzerland (June 7th, 2022) - The FOSH and We Play Sport have entered a strategic agreement to revolutionize water polo coverage in North America. Combining The FOSH's statistical tools with We Play Sport's machine learning video capture unlocks a whole new level of coverage.

The collaboration gives The FOSH customers free access to We Play Sport's cutting-edge technology and the automated highlights.

By setting up two iPhones and recording a game via We Play Sport's app, The FOSH's live event feed will showcase video clips of every goal. Additionally, We Play Sport generates match highlights and individual goal clips on its app. Teams and athletes will be able download and share these with their fans on social media and team websites.

While The FOSH's match dashboard allows for official statistics collection in real-time, We Play Sport's algorithm produces its own set of complementary statistics from game film. These include shot and power-play heatmaps and positional data captured through computer vision. The underlying video clips from this data are accessible for export, analysis, and sharing with players.

This promises to be a boon to coaches and analysts across the continent who will benefit from the wealth of data and be able to use it to enhance their teams' performances, saving them hours of time in post-match video tagging. Users will be able to filter statistics by event type, and instantly view a reel containing those events either from a single match or from across multiple games.

Teams can start using this combined technology in September, 2022, at the dawn of the NCAA men's season.

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